ALCINE online

ALCINE online

For all those people who, due to availability, distance or even pure preference, cannot enjoy ALCINE in cinemas, we also offer online sales. For the last 10 years, filmmakers competing in ALCINE competitions have had the option of showing their work through the FILMIN portal. A milestone in which ALCINE was a pioneer as a general short film festival. 

This 51st edition also includes a cycle in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, which will keep the passion for cinema at full throttle until the end of November.

From Long to Short. A Round Trip

The metaphor of the journey has been linked to ALCINE since its origins. As its logo reflects and summarizes, it is a starting point, a place of origin. Filmmakers from all over the continent take their first steps here, entering the world of cinema with daring, groundbreaking, risky short films, setting off from there to very different destinations. And they do it with their creativity at a time of effervescence, even if sometimes the means are limited. We follow these first steps in a journey that will be, in the best of cases, long and complex. Once the first short film or shorts have been made, it is usual to embark on longer projects, to take the step from non-professional filmmaking to feature films. 

In the past, not so many years ago, it was a one-way journey, and once the step to feature films was taken, most of them soon forgot the short film format and what it implies: greater freedom, less pressure, a field in which to investigate, test and create without so much risk. But for some time now, many directors have broken this old pattern, this journey of no return, and they return to short films when circumstances allow. Short films have been losing that old stigma of precariousness and amateurism as cinema has ceased to be an expensive, almost elitist form of expression, it is becoming dependent from large production teams. 

ALCINE has been a direct witness to this evolution over the last fifty years, following those first steps and incipient trajectories. Once filmmakers have consolidated their careers, ALCINE takes a step back and it is only when they return to short films that their work finds its way back into the festival. Fortunately, the journey from short to feature film is increasingly a circular trip.

Now, here, thanks to the Instituto Cervantes, we can focus on several of those beginnings, on the short and first feature films of four singular filmmakers who are going to have - and are already having, in fact - a stimulating career. There is Neus Ballús, Zoe Berriatúa, Guillem Morales and Marina Seresesky. They are four very marked personalities who gave their all in their short films and continued to do so in their first feature films. In one or other facet, or in both, they left their mark on the festival, won awards and made it clear that they had a voice of their own and that they were here to stay, to go a long way. They began their long journey at ALCINE.


  • 1 de noviembre: La boda (Marina Seresesky, 2012)
  • 4 de noviembre: La puerta abierta (Marina Seresesky, 2016)
  • 8 de noviembre: Immersió (Neus Ballús, 2009)
  • 11 de noviembre: El viatge de la Marta (Neus Ballús, 2019) 
  • 15 de noviembre: Epílogo (Zoe Berriatúa, 2008)
  • 18 de noviembre: Los héroes del mal (Zoe Berriatúa, 2015)
  • 22 de noviembre: Upside down (Guillem Morales, 2002)
  • 25 de noviembre: El habitante incierto (Guillem Morales, 2005)


All the titles will be available on the Instituto Cervantes Vimeo channel for 48 hours, starting at 20.00 h [GMT +1] on the indicated day.