Equipo SOPA

[Until December 11. A.H. Santa María La Rica]

They Don't Make Posters, They Make Little Worlds. 10 years of Equipo SOPA.

[Meeting with the studio on THURSDAY 10th at Corral de Comedias].

For a decade, SOPA has not been making posters, but small worlds. This exhibition reveals case by case the secrets of the small studio responsible for the universes of some of the most relevant series and films of recent years. From the works of Paco León (ARDE Madrid, the Carmina, KIKI and Rainbow), the recent and multi-authored Apagón (Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Raúl Arévalo, Isa Campo...), projects La Peste by Alberto Rodríguez, Libertad by Enrique Urbizu, Tiempo Después by Jose Luis Cuerda, the hilarious Justo Antes de Cristo by Montero and Maidagán, the very special Vida Perfecta by Leticia Dolera, and La Fortuna by Alejandro Amenábar. They are also behind other worlds beyond the screen, such as that of the Centro Dramático Nacional.

The peculiarity of this creative laboratory is that it weaves, together with filmmakers and producers, not just a poster, a header or a spot, but its own languages that run through each of the works. It starts the game with the viewer before they see the film or series and continue afterwards. This is why there isn’t 'one poster', but a whole series of them at a time, the graphics multiply within each universe, they come to life in audiovisual pieces, in visual poems, in gags, in public art pieces....

All this is what is presented in the exhibition of Santa María la Rica with curiosities and original objects, and explained in the Corral de Comedias with open questions.