Monday 7 - Thursday 10. 17h30. TSC / Corral de Comedias]


During the last decade, serialized fiction has become the most important audiovisual expression in our daily conversations. From the so-called "Golden Age" that began with The Sopranos to the multiplatform war of today, many things have happened. Among them, the irreversible change in what we used to call "the movie industry". Projects that rise more easily as series than as feature films, short filmmakers who have gone from that idealized "jump to feature" to "jump to episodic" and "prestige" directors who bring their stamp to chapter productions. Today, major festivals enthusiastically welcome premieres of pilots. Film libraries include full seasons in their programming and from ALCINE, we humbly ask ourselves what  the difference is between a short film and a "bottled episode".

That is why we wanted to dedicate this edition to the series. For the first time we will screen series, talk about them and share with the public the experiences of some of the most prominent professionals in the sector.  BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Series Festivals. From the Sofa to the Theater Seat.

With SERIELIZADOS Fest + Winning series Young Jury 2022

Since 2014, SERIELIZADOS Fest has become a meeting place for creators, producers, academics and fans to meet and share their ideas and addictions. Specifically focused on the creative side of this industry, they have stood out for bringing talents such as Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community), David Simon (The Wire) and Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) to Spain.  Currently, the festival has annual venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and the platform Filmin, where series premieres are combined with competition sections, pilot showcases and development labs.

The session will conclude with a screening of the winning series of the Young Jury section of SERIELIZADOS 2022.

Storytellers with Content. From the Short Film to the Pilot Episode.


A unique opportunity to see two of the most awakened minds of our audiovisual thinking and having a one on one discussion. 

Since he became known with his short film 7: 35 in the morning (2003), an OSCAR candidate and chosen by ALCINE best Spanish short film of the 2000s, Nacho Vigalondo has become one of the most referenced filmmakers at an international level thanks to titles such as Los Cronocrímenes (2007) and Colossal (2017). Platforms don’t take long to notice him and he has been responsible for setting the tone and tempo of series such as El Vecino and Justo Antes de Cristo (2019). Directing episodes of the cult series, Our Flags Means Death (2022), produced by Taika Waititi, or revisiting the mythical universe of Chicho Ibáñez Serrador in Historias Para no Dormir (2022). Alongside this, he maintains a career as an actor and presenter with milestones such as the experimental late night Los Felices Veinte (2020-2022).

A fundamental author in the history of our comic books, Fernando de Felipe was one of the indispensable names during the 90's thanks to works such as El Hombre que Ríe and Museum. With the crisis of the industry, Fernando de Felipe gives free rein to his other passions: cinema, and developing an intense academic task. Enthusiastic about the fantasy genre, Twin Peaks and authors like the Coens, he writes screenplays, publishes books and even tries his hand at filmmaking by adapting his own comic strip, Oedipus, which came out of ALCINE and was awarded in 1996. He has mainly explored American series, the post-11S imaginary and the crisis of liberal utopias. Topics that he already dealt with from other much more visual and radical perspectives in Marketing & Utopia, one of his reference albums, recovered in 2022 by ECC Comics with a prologue by Vigalondo. It will be exhibited at ALCINE51 thanks to the collaboration with the ECC-UAH Chair of Comic Research and Culture and the Mobile Week Alcalá.

Showrunners. From The Script Room to the Production Office.



Despite the cheap joke, the showrunner's career has had a very long run. More so in a country like Spain whose industry tries to adapt quickly, but slowly to the ways and terminologies of their Anglo-Saxon counterparts. Have they finally started to pay attention to the scriptwriters? To what extent do they have control over the project? Is there more freedom in cinema or in series?

We will talk about these and many other topics with Laura Sarmiento, screenwriter of La Jefa (2022) and co-creator  Verónica Fernández from the series Intimidad (2022), as well as the duo Sara Antuña and Carlos De Pando, writers of El Silencio del Pantano (2019) and creators of the audiovisual versions of El Vecino (2019), GARCÍA! (2022) and the upcoming paella-western Sin Huellas (2023). 

Moderated by Guillermo Zapata, writer and television scriptwriter with a long career (Hospital Central) and director of what was the most watched short film on YouTube, Lo Que Tú Quieras Oír (2005).

Visual Universes. It's Not Just a Poster, It's a Small World. 


The studio responsible for the image of ALCINE 51 has been doing things differently for more than a decade. Thanks to their philosophy they have been able to develop campaigns for some of the most relevant series and films of recent times. From the works of Paco León to projects such as La Peste by Alberto Rodríguez, Libertad by Enrique Urbizu, Tiempo Después by Jose Luis Cuerda, La Fortuna by Amenábar and the recent and multi-authored Apagón.