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Concert of Cinematic Music. 

Symphonic closing of the festival by the Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá.

The Musical.

The Musical developed as a form of theatre aimed at the masses and for a very diverse audience, with enormous success in the second half of the 19th century.

very diverse audiences, with enormous success in the second half of the 19th century. This spirit of transformation and certain rebelliousness, typical of an era of rapid technological and social advances, found its genre in the musical, less sophisticated than what could be seen in large theatres and more accessible to all audiences, with plots to be sung, danced and staged.

This emerging stage genre made an impetuous arrival in the cinema with the arrival of sound, with The Jazz Singer as the starting point.  In the 1930s, the musical consolidated its success through a back-and-forth path that can be found today in the theatrical adaptations of the most famous film musicals that populate the posters of our Gran Vía.

In its now classic annual program, the Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá presents excerpts from three hugely successful musicals of different styles. Each of them in the form of a suite. As the French word indicates, a play with the most relevant musical ideas of each musical, in that which the creation of classical music has moulded as a musical form of its own, but which can be extended to all genres.


An example of how the musical has been strongly linked to animated films. This feature film, directed by the legendary animator Don Bluth, won the Oscar for best soundtrack and original song.


One of Broadway's contemporary classics, it speculates on the events of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's The Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the witches.

West Side Story 

An inexhaustible musical, both in its classic version by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins and in the recent remake by Steven Spielberg. This update of Romeo and Juliet to the streets of the Bronx serves to show how the popular genre is also a source of attraction for classical composers such as the famous and renowned conductor Leonard Bernstein.


History of the Musical: The sound suite.

The program closes with a suite that brings together the spirit of the most outstanding musicals of the last century, organized chronologically from the 1930s to the present day.



The Orchestra celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. During this time it has visited countries such as Germany, France, Bulgaria and the United States. In November 2012 it took part, representing Spain, in the XII International Music Festival of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory to celebrate its 150th anniversary, together with orchestras from some of the most important higher conservatories in the world, being the only group to offer two recitals in the mythical Glazounov Hall of the conservatory and in the Smonly Cathedral. 

The orchestra offers a regular annual programme under an agreement with the Town Hall of Alcalá de Henares. Participating in major national events and stage. It also has a Chamber Ensemble and a Youth and Children's Section under the direction of Iñaki Urbina.


Guest conductor - Assistant Conductor of the Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá A member of the Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá since its beginnings as a bassoonist. He is a qualified bassoonist with a wide international career, he has trained with great masters such as Imre Rohman, Dr. Josep Borrás and Don Miguel Romea, and currently combines his teaching work with that of performer and conductor in various professional, amateur, classical and historicist musical ensembles.


Throughout his 30-year career he has performed as a pianist and chamber musician on the five continents. He is a Professor of Chamber Music in the Corps of Teachers of Music and Performing Arts at the Conservatory of Alcalá de Henares. He has dedicated the last 25 years to promoting and consolidating the musical project of the Fundación Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá for the city in its three sections: symphony, chamber and children's/youth.