[Saturday 5. 11h. Salón de Actos del AH Santa María La Rica]

THE CLASS. I Meeting of Education, Cultural Mediation and Cinema

Meeting between teachers and artists to think about new relationships between education and audiovisuals. Limited space, Free registration at

Despite the diversity and good audiences reported by ALCINE's educational activities, we believe that the innovation that accompanies our philosophy regarding cinema can also be reflected in this type of activities. This accompanies the social and educational turn that many artistic and cultural institutions have undertaken over the last two decades. It is in this context that cultural mediators, the architects of many of these new transformative ideas, can establish a dialogue that broadens the horizons of the film-education binomial in a new framework and for a wide range of audiences, creators and spectators.

That is why ALCINE, in alliance with the PLANEA art and school network, would like to invite the entire educational, artistic and audiovisual community interested in these ideas to come together for a first day, paying homage to Laurent Cantet's film, and to think about a possible new educational paradigm. A theoretical-practical format of 3h, accompanied by professionals of educational innovation and art in which to develop ideas and projects that will materialize for future editions as well as for other festivals, institutions or schools.

Aimed at:

Professionals in cultural mediation, film and education at all levels (primary, secondary, vocational training, university, non-formal...) as well as people interested in the possibilities of audiovisuals as an art form, tool and medium for learning and social transformation.

SÁBADO 5 - Salón de Actos Antiguo Hospital de Santa María La Rica
11:00 Welcome ALCINE Pedro Toro - Director Artístico de ALCINE
11:05 ALCINE and youth Pepe Martín - Responsable programa El cine y los jóvenes (ALCINE)
11:20 Intro: Red PLANEA Pedagogía Invisibles - Coordinadoras Red PLANEA en la C. Madrid
11:35 Case study: Rethinking the future Aulafilm - Responsables del proyecto en Red PLANEA
12:05 Introduction to Cultural Mediation Susana Galarreta y Jara Blanco. AMECUM
12:45 Case study: Mediation in the performing arts Almudena Adalia - Arteducadora y gestora de Artes Escénicas
13:05 Coffee (Incluída para los inscritos)
13:15 Round Table Aulafilm + Amecum + Teatro
13:55 Conclusions and good-bye ALCINE + PLANEA
14:00 Cierre